Portfolio of Images

My Portfolio of Images is divided into five main Galleries, as seen below.

Each main gallery is then sub-divided into smaller galleries, which allows me to be more specific about the subject matter, and makes it easier to locate an area of interest. There are many more shots in my collection than I can possibly show on my website, so if you can't find an image that you may like, please contact me with your details and I will do a search for your request.

I hope you enjoy browsing through the Portfolio of Images.

ocean photography


This section contains three portfolios of work - photography of the beautiful Sydney Northern Beaches, images from inside Pittwater, and a growing collection of images of Pelicans and other sea birds

landscape photography


This section contains four portfolios showing imagery collected from my extensive time walking throughout the Blue Mountains National Park, as well as other areas.


Colour, Shapes and Textures

A collection of images that focus onĀ  three elements- colour, shape and texture. The subject of the shot is less important than the visual impact that it makes. This is my favourite portfolio of work and the one which I work har-dest at to refine and perfect. Like all forms of photography light is the key, and in this work in particular strong lighting is paramount.


Flora and Fauna

A collection of images showing the beauty and diversity within the world of wildflowers and animals.


Around Australia (Slowly)

Each year we attempt to head off to some part of the country that we haven't yet seen, but often get distracted by wanting to go back to areas that we already know and love! So this is a very slowly changing portfolio!