Upper Grose Valley
This really is a labour of love. I have set out to walk the full extent of the Grose Valley and photograph as many of the features as I can. I also wish to provide some detail with the image, such as what the name means or who was the person that it was named after.

Mountains and Waterfalls

There are thousands of them out there, most of which I probably won't get to, but I will get as many as I can!

Plaques and Memorials

The history of the Blue Mountains is full of amazing stories and extraordinary characters. Some of these stories and characters are commemorated by plaques that are scattered around the mountains. Often they are found in very remote locations. When I come upon them in my travels, I bring back the photo and then attempt to find the story behind them. When I do I then put the information up on the website.

Shapes in Nature

This collection is just for fun. Every now and then I come upon objects in the bush that have an incredible likeness to something - a rock shaped like a camel or a stick shaped like a dragon. I have begun photographing them when I see them and adding them to this collection. I would love more, so if anyone can contribute to this portfolio I would be delighted!